Performance in collaboration with Dead Fields of Clowds. Presented at the Trappenhuis event, at the Station Noord, in Groningen, Holland, on March 2013. Dead Fields of Clowds is Morten Poulsen, Filippo Miorin and Klaudijus Štuopinis. Video document: cameras by Maria Jager and Rik Möhlmann, edit by Daniel Valentim Photo document by Henrik Kröner  

center of the world

This performance is a re-enactment attempt of archaic religious rituals. Presented within the Joka Klubi’s “Off Art Talent Show”, at W139, in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, on May 2012 Audio by Rik Möhlmann and Daniel Valentim Document video: camera by Aldwin van de Ven, edit by Daniel Valentim


Improvisation on libidinal economy. Caught between the art space, the public’s search for meaning and the online sex video-chat users, the performer’s body is in crisis: he divides himself into pieces and sells them online through a ‘Market’. Presented at  FLAM – Forum of Live Art Amsterdam – at ARTI et Amicitiae, in Amsterdam, on April…


The relation between the city, its inhabitants and myself: a foreigner in Europe I want to find a psycho-geography of the city where I am. This performance was nominated for the Hendrik de Vries Prize on 2008. It was presented at Pictura gallery, on January 2009, and within the Noorderzon festival, on August 2009, in…


A primal scream, a twisted longing for social contact: shout ! Personal crisis streams in screams projected onto the streets. Performance presented at the Noorderzon festival, in Groningen, The Netherlands, on August 2009 Documentation video: camera by Bart Nijstad, edit Daniel Valentim Documentation photo: Henrik Kröner


Existential questions make me wander about the streets at night. “Indian” is my search for identity within a new culture, its people and territory. An unexpected visitor, a barbaric creature, the arrival of the Indian is the cause of disruption in the public space. Performance by Daniel Valentim presented at the Noorderzon festival, in Groningen, The…


Caught between the art public’s search for meaning and the online video-chat user’s sexual drive, the performer’s body is in crisis, fighting inside a “Cocoon”. In this performance I struggle with holes in a white-cloth skin: they are roles I am expected to fulfil, but which I do not fit. Live streamed on sexvideochat site Presented at…


Street performance art piece at the Union Square, New York City, 2007. Documentation video: camera by Nan Hao

kissing the saint

Santa Teresa is a neighbourhood in Rio de Janeiro known for its bohemian life as well as for its misery and its criminality. The intervention this time is not by the police firing machine guns as usual, but by big red lips projected from the inside of the old historic tramway as it rolled along…